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September 2016, Issue 446 David Ekserdjian on remarkable manuscripts * Germaine Greer on Sharon Olds's Odes * Michael Burleigh on power moving east * Peter Moore on Crusoe's islands * Miranda Seymour on madness in Georgian England * Ted Vallance on violence in England * Mike Jay on the delusions of Philip K Dick * Sheila Fitzpatrick on Zhivago's inspiration * Frances Wilson on Byron's women * Keith Miller on Ian McEwan * Jonathan Meades on Crossrail * William Whyte on rebuilding parliament * Alan Judd on Britain's most decorated Cold War spy * Wendy Moore on bacteria * Kevin Jackson on conjuring tricks * Joanna Kavenna on Dino Buzzati *  Sarah Ditum on Jilly Cooper *  and much, much more…

David Ekserdjian

Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts

By Christopher de Hamel

When, in 1963, G I Gurdjieff called the middle volume of his All and Everything trilogy Meetings with Remarkable Men, he must have thought he had come up with a pretty nifty title. He could hardly have imagined that it would one day be followed by the likes of Thomas Pakenham’s Meetings with Remarkable Trees (1996) and the present volume. However, even if this is only the beginning and hundreds of Meetings with… are just around the corner, it seems reasonable to assume that Christopher de Hamel’s remarkable – to fail to coin an alternative adjective – book will effortlessly make it into the top ten. De Hamel singles out a dozen manuscripts for scrutiny, while at the same time alluding to a host of near misses... read more

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