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October 2015, Issue 436 Raymond Seitz on Kissinger * Samantha Ellis on Charlotte Brontë * Michael Burleigh on the legacy of Tahrir Square * Victoria Glendinning on porcelain * William Doino on Pope Francis * Donald Rayfield on Putin * Katherine Duncan-Jones on King Lear * Christopher Bray on Peter O'Toole * Piers Brendon on a Red Ambassador to the Court of St James's * Peter Sarris on Byzantium * Christopher Andrew on the end of the Cold War * Naomi Wood on Hemingway's affair * Charles Saumarez Smith on art galleries for all * Sara Wheeler on the Pacific * Joanna Kavenna on the stories of Lucia Berlin * Melissa Harrison on the Green Man * Richard Overy on the troubled West  and much, much more…

Samantha Ellis

Charlotte Brontë: A Life

By Claire Harman

Why did the sheltered daughter of a Church of England minister, brought up to be deeply suspicious of Catholics, take the drastic step of walking into a Brussels church, finding a confessional and opening her heart? And what did she tell the priest? Claire Harman opens her biography, written in time for Charlotte Brontë’s bicentenary in 2016, with her protagonist in crisis. t’s not just that the 27-year-old student is in love with her married professor, Constantin Heger, but also that she is, Harman perceptively notes, 'struggling with the larger issue of how she would ever accommodate her strong feelings – whether of love ... read more

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