Imprisoned Souls

Posted on by David Gelber

Ever since Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf and Semiramis, the founder of Babylon, was brought up by birds, legends of feral children have fired the imagination. But fable turned to fact only with the Age of Reason. As science supplanted faith, answers to the question ‘What is it to be human?’ began […]


Posted on by David Gelber

He networks, She networks, They are networking. The verb ‘to network’ is an American import newly adopted by our language rather like drive-in supermarkets, consciousness-raising and bubblegum. It’s a convenient blanket term for using who you know to take you where you want to be. Tim Heald’s Networks is a comprehensive study in how the […]

Carry On Up the Weimar

Posted on by David Gelber

At the beginning of this year The Times ran a fashion spread contemplating the revival of a 1970s-style maquillage. Amongst the close-ups of the pale moon faces with their tendrilled hair, rind-thin plucked eyebrows and sugary plum lips was a poster for the film Cabaret. With her shiny black helmet of a haircut, bead choker […]

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