Hearts and Minds

Posted on by Tom Fleming

William Harvey’s is and ever was a great story. His discovery of the circulation of the blood is generally, and appropriately, seen as one of the heroic triumphs of the English Renaissance. Harvey famously committed the sin of empiricism, and used the evidence thus acquired to overturn the mental autocracy of mere text and vanished […]

Jolt to the System

Posted on by Tom Fleming

When examining how our bodies work, we are all aware of the circulation of the blood or the fact that cells can misbehave and cause cancer. But how many of us are aware of the important role played by electricity? Frances Ashcroft, a professor of physi-ology at Oxford University, is a distinguished scientist. As this […]

A Well-Rounded Account

Posted on by Tom Fleming

‘At its heart,’ writes Florence Williams, ‘Breasts is an environmental history of a body part. It is the story of how our breasts went from being honed by the environment to being harmed by it. It is part biology, part anthropology, and part medical journalism.’ This is certainly true, but as well as being academic […]

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