The State Of Feminism

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Publishers have a big problem with feminism. Editors tend to subscribe to the notion that feminists are dreary and not to be bothered with, but every now and then a feminist book is a spectacular (and enviable) success. People are still reading The Second Sex – even my local Waterstone’s, which does its best to […]

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Heroes Of Enterprise

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Thomas Jefferson famously observed that nobody without a very strong stomach should watch sausage-making or the way Congress tackles legislation. The past few months have proved him right. Congress has displayed a gutlessness and lack of principle over banking and financial reform unusual even for a body not known for its resistance to finance and […]

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Limits of Tolerance

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Atheists campaigning to convert the world from religion present one of history’s comic spectacles. The enemies of religion are shaped by what they reject, so that while they denounce religious beliefs their way of thinking replicates the categories and assumptions in terms of which these beliefs have been framed. Their obsessive concern with belief is […]

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