Walking with Ghosts

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

As I write, the damage and death-toll of the latest earthquakes in China are being assessed, and the inhabitants of New Orleans are returning to the city from which they fled a few days ago, happy (one assumes) that Hurricane Gustav has been less destructive than was expected. ‘Events’, said Bismarck, ‘are stronger than the […]

‘Trader or Pirate?’

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

The charm of Ischia in the Bay of Naples gave Cyril Connolly small cheer when he holidayed there in the summer of 1956: he was an Eeyore in the sun, brooding on his flighty wife abandoning him for a younger man. If he had known what archaeologists digging on the island at the time were […]

Who’s the Daddy?

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Once it was Horace who was the discerning traveller’s author of choice. Richard Burton supposedly took the Odes to Lake Tanganyika, and the naturalist Charles Waterton was never without them up the Orinoco (he even recited them in his hammock while waiting for vampire bats to alight on his proffered big toe). Horace soothed the […]

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