Heroic Marquis

Posted on by Tom Fleming

Maligned, misconstrued and I suspect, little read, the Marquis de Sade remains not only one of the great moralists of the eighteenth century, but also the prototypical exponent of sexual psychology. Outraged by nothing, he continues to shock by virtue of his courage, and his preoccupation with fetish, obsession, the diversity of sexual expression, has […]

Upon the Buttock of the Beast

Posted on by Tom Fleming

The word Antichrist has become inextricably linked with the excesses of cranks and extremists. One thinks of Aleister Crowley, the self-styled Beast 666, or Ian Paisley waving his cardboard ‘Antichrist’ banner under the Pope’s nose. Historians, too, have tended to equate the Antichrist with the lunatic fringe, implying that his influence was confined to a […]

Disgusting but Nice

Posted on by Tom Fleming

‘Strip yourselves naked, all of you,’ Machiavelli advised. Machiavelli in Hell is a portrait of a naked civil servant, whom we first encounter when he is busy ‘on the job’. That title refers to Machiavelli’s duties as a secretary-ambassador to the Italian government, though for the English reader it might have other connotations. As a […]

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