To Bee or Not to Bee

Posted on by David Gelber

As the title suggests, this is a book with an urgent message, which the author hammers home forcefully. Dave Goulson is well known as one of Britain’s leading entomologists, a bumblebee specialist and the author of such popular works as The Garden Jungle and A Sting in the Tale. Silent Earth is a cri de […]

Slime & Reason

Posted on by David Gelber

What is life? The question sounds simple enough, but for centuries, scientists and philosophers have struggled to find a precise answer. Carl Zimmer’s engaging and informative book surveys a wide range of suggestions across the ages. For ancient Romans, a baby’s life began with its first breath, so herbally induced abortion wasn’t considered infanticide. Christian […]

Wittgenstein for Robots

Posted on by David Gelber

If the robots are coming, will you run to greet them or run away? Or would you prefer to do something else entirely, like sit quietly with a margarita and a good book? Besides, do we even have the time to deal with super-intelligent robots, or even a bunch of fairly stupid ones, as well […]

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