An Expensive Way to Save Money

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

So now we know. The Illuminati, the New World Order and shape-shifting lizard aliens aren’t responsible for the ills of the world. Totalitarianism in China, the decline of the NHS, opioid and tobacco addiction in America, carbon emissions, state corruption in South Africa – they’re all down to the consulting firm McKinsey. Despite the firm […]

It Lost Its Spark

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

What’s the point of business history? Devotees claim it’s as important as political or social history in providing an understanding of how humanity achieves prosperity and progress. Detractors reply, ‘Maybe, but isn’t it awfully dull?’ Those profit and loss accounts of yesteryear; those once great, now gone corporations that ‘left not a rack behind’; that […]

Small Yet Mighty

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

In October 2022, the United States Department of Commerce implemented with little warning a set of export control regulations effectively outlawing the export of US semiconductor technology to China. Given China’s reliance on non-Chinese tools, software and facilities in the manufacture of microchips – the silicon semiconductors upon which all information technologies rely – this was potentially a major blow to China’s ambition

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