Does Karamazov’s God Exist?

Posted on by David Gelber

‘What do you believe?’ For most of us the question is embarrassing. Even the minority who subscribe to a particular faith, or denomination within one, find it difficult to distinguish between what they ought to believe and what, at root, they actually believe. For the non-believer, perhaps, the question deserves to be more embarrassing than […]

The Unauthorised Version

Posted on by David Gelber

David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian who has made waves in his own sphere through his radical atavism (he refers often to the early Church fathers’ concept of the divine), his sympathy for and grasp of the languages and cultures of the ancient world and his unsqueamish, ferocious attacks on modern atheism. Perhaps more relevant to this readership

What Would Have Happened If It Had Worked

Posted on by Tom Fleming

The fifth of November is, I suppose, after Christmas Day and St George’s Day, the holiest fixed date in our national calendar. For centuries it has been celebrated annually with comminatory sermons, feux de joie, and (at least in robuster times) with the ceremonial burning (or, in Lewes, drowning) of combustible (or submersible) popes. And […]

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