In Neptune’s Vast Dominions

Posted on by Tom Fleming

On Christmas Eve 1789, HMS Guardian found itself in the shadow of two great icebergs some 1,300 miles southeast of the Cape of Good Hope. The ship’s captain, 27-year-old Edward Riou, ordered a double watch to be kept, but, engulfed in fog and with darkness falling, the Guardian struck one all the same. The collision […]

In the Realm of the Walrus

Posted on by Tom Fleming

For an area that is hard to reach and exceedingly difficult to thrive in, Beringia is rather busy. Beringia is the name given to the sea and coasts that surround the Bering Strait. The coasts currently belong to Russia and the USA. They used to belong to no one really, although they were inhabited on […]

Making Waves

Posted on by Tom Fleming

In 2003, archaeologists excavating a cave shelter on the island of Flores, Indonesia, discovered the remains of early humans, remarkably over eighteen thousand years old. Even more surprisingly, the bones showed that these people were only about a metre tall and had brains no larger than a fizzy-drink can. Flores is one of a cluster of small

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