Peace Maker & Flower Arranger

Posted on by Frank Brinkley

This is a big publication. Capricia Penavic Marshall was the chief of protocol at the White House during Barack Obama’s first term as president. She began her trajectory upwards as social secretary for the Clintons when they were in the White House. Already Pete Souza, Obama’s photographer, has hailed the arrival of this substantial etiquette […]

Deceptively Bright, in an Up & Coming Area

Posted on by Frank Brinkley

What is a bunker? The term derives from an Old Swedish word meaning ‘boards used to protect the cargo of a ship’. But if we take it, as we usually do, to mean a defended structure, often underground, intended to shield people and important goods through a period of strife, then it is one of the oldest building types made by humans. In Cappadocia, central Turkey, there are twenty-two subterranean

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