How to Spend It

Posted on by Tom Fleming

‘The wealthy invariably win’ is an observation by John Kampfner that has recently been given intellectual underpinning by Thomas Piketty, who in Capital in the Twenty-First Century came up with a neat little formula to prove that the rich always get richer relative to the rest of us because the rate of return on capital […]

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Who Runs the Show?

Posted on by Tom Fleming

So it’s all a big stitch-up by the rich and powerful, dutifully serenaded by craven politicians and crazed ideologues? Scrawled in the margins of my copy of The Establishment – And How They Get Away with It are my angry protests, double-underlinings with ‘No! No!’ beside them and inky shouts of ‘Rubbish!’, ‘Cop-out!’ and ‘This […]

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