Ring Road Nation

Posted on by David Gelber

The only thing wrong with Otto Saumarez Smith’s book is its title. Far from booming, at the start of the 1960s the towns and cities of the Midlands and the north of England, and their Welsh, Scottish and Irish counterparts, were dirty, despoiled monuments to a bygone age, from which the young and talented fled […]

Man About City

Posted on by David Gelber

The publication of a new book by Simon Jenkins is always an event, and one about London doubly so. No one knows more about modern London and few have written about the city so winningly. His Landlords to London (1975) is a classic, indispensable to anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of London’s development […]

The £569 Pineapple

Posted on by David Gelber

According to An Economic History of the English Garden, between 1820 and the present day, 15,652 gardening books have been published in the UK alone. That’s not the most astonishing number in this book, but it does make you wonder whether there is really room for another one. Roderick Floud thinks so, and succeeds in […]

Why the French are so Superior

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Was It Henry James who said that when good Americans die they go to Paris? [No-Ed.] Thomas Carlson-Reddig is an American and he has written a book entitled An Architects’s Paris. He is not good enough to go to Paris dead or alive. The publisher’s blurb is understandably written in the language of hyperbole, but […]

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