The Knight Historical

Posted on by Tom Fleming

At the beginning of his career as a television interviewer Robin Day was criticised for being too disrespectful of his subjects. By the end – or rather by the present day, because Sir Robin’s long and glorious career is not yet over – he was criticised for being too chummy with them. This collection of […]

Women Speak Wisdom and Men Flee to the Pub

Posted on by Tom Fleming

I yield to none in my admiration for Professor Roger Scruton. What Brains! And, as the Pimpernel of Prague, what courage! And I quite understand why he has written this fictionalised version of conversations from Greek antiquity between Socrates and his wife Xanthippe, Plato and his mother, etc. As he prompts Xanthippe to say in […]

‘John’ Thomas Unmasked

Posted on by Tom Fleming

It seemed, at the time, like the most surreal of fictions: US Senators quoting The Exorcist, debating pubic hairs in Coke cans and discussing the exploits of Long Dong Silver. Unfortunately, it was all too real, and its consequences no less than disastrous: a lifetime Supreme Court appointment for Clarence Thomas after the most tumultuous […]

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