Waging Peace

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

As the West unites to confront Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, it faces an intensely dangerous dilemma. To intervene militarily – by, for example, declaring a no-fly zone that could result in NATO aircraft shooting down Russian warplanes – may trigger a disastrous escalation to nuclear conflict. To do nothing, on the other hand, would be both feebly to accede to the destruction of the rules-based international order that

From Thaw to War

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Russia’s war against Ukraine is an aftershock of the earthquake of 1989–91, which saw eastern Europe break free from communism’s clutches and the Soviet Union collapse. Two questions dominated European security discussions in the years that followed. The first was about how to integrate Russia into a new world order. The second was about how far, if at all, to stretch the boundaries of NATO membership into eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet states. These questions lie at the heart of M E Sarotte’s remarkable book on geopolitics in the final decade of the last century. Although Russia’s invasion occurred too late for consideration in this account, the subject of Ukraine dominates it. The country was a sore spot in

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