Blown Away

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

If Leo McKinstry were a Hollywood biographer rather than a political journalist turned popular historian, Hurricane would be the equivalent of following up a biography of Marilyn Monroe with a life of Katharine Hepburn or Bette Davis. McKinstry’s last book, Spitfire, told the story of the glamorous star of the Battle of Britain, the fighter […]

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Who’s Listening In?

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

We are familiar with MI5 and MI6 (otherwise known as the Security Service and Secret Intelligence Service) and their carefully demarcated duties of domestic surveillance and clandestine operations abroad. But we know much less about the largest and most covert of this country’s intelligence bodies, GCHQ, or Government Communications Headquarters. This is disturbing because it […]

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Band of Brothers

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Sebastian Junger makes no secret of the ambitious scope of this book. Written over a year when he was embedded with an American Airborne Infantry Company in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, its title is simply War. His subject is not merely the current conflict, but the nature of conflict itself. Junger bravely confronts one of the […]

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