Some Like it Hoot

Posted on by David Gelber

Owls loomed large in the birdscape of my suburban boyhood: tawny owls nested in the local parks, ghostly white barn owls glimmered from time to time in the dusk, and the occasional little owl – the owl of Minerva – was to be seen on nearby smallholdings. At night we would hear the tawny owls’ […]

In the Court of the Seelie King

Posted on by David Gelber

Fairies are notoriously touchy, and are apt to turn nasty if anyone is foolhardy enough to call them by that name. Should you ever find yourself in their company, you would do well to shun the F word entirely and follow the example of earlier generations by using some form of apotropaic euphemism, such as […]

Borderline Personalities

Posted on by David Gelber

Like the much-mythologised Wild West, the Debatable Land was terra nullius, where the writ of law was by and large ignored and bad men roamed at will. Situated where the northwest of England meets the southwest of Scotland, it was long an inhospitable, inhuman corner of the country: hilly, boggy, inaccessible and, five centuries

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