Natasha Cooper

Dreaded Diagnoses

The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: A Memoir of Madness and Recovery


Bantam Press 188pp £16.99 order from our bookshop

Radiation Diaries: Cancer, Memory and Fragments of a Life in Words


Fentum Press 168pp £9.99 order from our bookshop

Milkshakes and Morphine: A Memoir of Love and Loss


Square Peg 374pp £14.99 order from our bookshop

Sitting on the Tube on my way to visit a friend, I look up from my book to find a middle-aged woman offering me a smile of such supportive warmth that I think I must know her. I don’t, and soon realise she’s seen I’m reading Janet Todd’s Radiation Diaries and assumed I’ve had the diagnosis we all dread and am preparing myself for what’s to come. I haven’t. But having read these three remarkable memoirs, I can now imagine how it would be. The authors are quite different, their cancers are different and the ways in which they deal with them are different, but they are united in the clarity with which they recount their experiences of diagnosis and treatment and the astonishing endurance they have all shown.

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