Claus Von Bulow

Football and Facism

Ajax, The Dutch, The War: Football In Europe During The Second World War


Orion 244pp £14.99 order from our bookshop

A Conspiracy of Decency: The Rescue of the Danish Jews During World War II


Westview Press 210pp £19.99 order from our bookshop

HERE ARE TWO books on the subject of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in two small European countries: Holland and Denmark. The stories are distinctly different. Sirnon Kuper, who is also a leading sports writer, shocks us fkm the start. Even today, the Feyenoord (Rotterdam) football fans shout anti-Semitic abuse at the Ajax (Amsterdam) supporters. There is an element of class warfare in this: the Rotterdamers consider themselves tough workers and look on their rivals as rich burghers.

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