Nick Parker

From Drew to Dru

Becoming Drusilla: One Life, Two Friends, Three Genders


Harvill Secker 309pp £12.99 order from our bookshop

Novelist Richard Beard had a friend called Drew. Richard and Drew went on holidays together – breaks from their family responsibilities, involving hiking, camping, canoeing. In fact, Drew is pretty much the perfect blokey mate: he can repair stuff, he rides a motorbike, he drinks bitter, and he’s a good laugh down the pub. So it comes as something of a shock to Richard when Drew announces that he is to have a sex change and become Dru. Drew delivers this news with matter-of-fact good humour, in combat boots, earrings and new hairstyle (‘don’t tell me, it shows my bald spot – see if I care. Hello oestrogen, goodbye male pattern hair loss’). 

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