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In Restaurants, Other Diners Applauded When He Left

Jew Made in England


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The key to evaluating Anthony Blond’s memoirs comes in a footnote on page 264. In a list of friends who have died of Aids, he mentions (but does not name) the editor who cleverly assembled E F Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful – published by Blond in the 1960s – ‘from papers on the floor of Schumacher’s study’. An asterisk directs the eye to a footnote which adds: ‘rather like my editor has done with these memoirs’. Aha! This explains the book’s wayward chronology, and through the various strands of Blond’s life. In his foreword, written as a d himself (dated January 2020), Blond acknowledges that ‘a slapdash attitude to essential detail was one of his more unfortunate traits’.

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