Krysztof Z Cieszkowski

Not the Real Thing

Super Realism


Phaidon 1979 80pp 67 illus. £5.95 order from our bookshop

Super Realism, or Hyperrealism, or Photographic Realism, is as fragmented and heterogeneous as the Pop Art from which it supposedly developed, and it is difficult to formulate any kind of generalisations about it. It involves verisimilitude, objectivity, technical skill, and a concern (for whatever reasons) with the perceived and immediate world. Origins for it can be traced back to Rembrandt’s painting of a slaughtered ox, or Durer’s intimate watercolours of grasses and weeds, or to the great Renaissance tradition of portraiture – in fact, to all the occasions when artists have tried to represent exactly what they see, either confining three dimensions in two or reproducing objects in a material other than their original one.

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