Simon Baker

Simon Baker on Four First Novels

  • Julie Maxwell, 
  • Ben Dolnick, 
  • Nikita Lalwani, 
  • Segun Afolabi

Alice, the heroine of Julie Maxwell’s darkly comic debut, You Can Live Forever, is a member of the Worldwide Saints of God, a Christian sect which promises immortality to its followers. Their leader, William P Pope, is the author of such books as Christian Life on Other Planets, and of a monthly bulletin, ‘The Plain Truth’, which contains all the latest prohibitions (mostly onanism-related). Alice’s horrid mother and dull brother are dedicated ‘Worldwiders’, but her father, who married Alice’s mother before she converted, is not. He is a cheerfully amoral Irishman, devoted to Alice but willing to cremate murder victims in his incinerator for the right fee. 

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