Literary Lucubrations

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Books are heavy. This simple fact is well known to anyone who has had to move the contents of a bookcase, but weight is only the most obvious of their disadvantages. Books take up space that is at a premium in small houses, and they require constant maintenance to preserve them from time, rot, damp, […]

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Chariots of Flesh

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

It’s hard to imagine now but less than fifty years ago books in much of Western Europe and the United States were routinely confiscated and burned. The bonfires of a resistant Victorian morality consumed the written word, just as heretics were burnt in earlier times and drugs would be incinerated later.

Publish and Be Doomed

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Publishers, like farmers, are notorious grumblers, forever forecasting doom and despair and the imminent collapse of the world as they have known it. Despite affectations of donnish absent-mindedness and gentlemanly amateurism, they are also, more often than not, shrewd and hard-headed businessmen, adept at pulling strings in high places. All these qualities were much in […]

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