Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

In October 2013, Marc Kristal popped into Christie’s to get out of the rain and saw an exhibition called ‘When Britain Went Pop: British Pop Art – The Early Years’. His attention was caught by two paintings, one by David Hockney, with whose work he was familiar, and the other, a large mixed-media canvas from […]

Sitar Hero

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

George Harrison came to me during lockdown. Perhaps I needed to hear that, as he sang in ‘The Inner Light’, ‘Without going out of my door/I know all things of earth’. Behind that locked door, I felt myself further drawn into his exquisite solo records. I was in so deep that I purchased the All […]

Walks on the Wild Side

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Remember when being Bono was uncool? Perhaps you don’t. But there was a time when Bono banging on about his activism or his latest charity concerns, or Sting going on about saving the rainforest, felt like an importation of social work into a genre – rock – that was sociopathic at best. In those days […]

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