Mysteries Of The Soul

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

At the midpoint of the 1990s, the much-hyped Decade of the Brain, Peter Brook directed a stage version of Oliver Sacks’s book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat at the Cottesloe in London. At one point a patient was presented to a neurologist with a condition known as visual agnosia. The patient […]

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No Need To Get Heated

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

There is one certain thing I can tell you about the menopause, which is that your periods will stop – always assuming, of course, that you are a woman. You may also get hot flushes, and there’s a chance that you’ll feel tired and a bit depressed, but then who wouldn’t? Most of us have […]

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Whizz! Bang! Wallop!

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

Patricia Fara has written a fascinating account of the broad sweep of scientific progress more or less since records began. Although I don’t agree with everything she says, I enjoyed reading it and I’m very glad she says it. But it is very cheeky of her to claim that this is ‘a new type of […]

The Beautiful & Damned

Posted on by Jonathan Beckman

This short, fast-paced and wide-ranging book begins with a list of platitudes, as Roger Scruton calls them, such as ‘Beauty pleases us’ and ‘In describing an object as beautiful, I am describing it, not me’ – the second of these is already clearly contentious – and concludes with a further instalment of his long-running commentary […]

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