No Need to Bring a Coat

Posted on by Frank Brinkley

What is the point of an atlas in a world of Google Earth and Google Maps? Like the encyclopedias appropriated by magical realists, the atlas is now the domain of the armchair browser, offering the chance to go to places that never existed. In this world of mental exploration, Edward Brooke-Hitching is a delightful and […]

Into That Good Night

Posted on by Frank Brinkley

Peter Davidson has long displayed a kind of genius for writing about subjects that are both deeply fascinating and tantalisingly elusive, things that stick in your mind but that, in some ways, you feel to be hardly there at all. He wrote a wonderful book about the idea of things being thought of as northerly, for instance, and another about the ways in which painters and writers have been drawn to imagine the exemplarily indefinable moment of twilight. His new book, a very handsome and generously illustrated production, is about a topic which is, if anything, even harder to pin down: the night-time experience of gazing at an illuminated

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