Daniya Baiguzhayeva

Reader Beware

Lacking Character


Melville House 208pp £12.99 order from our bookshop

If breaking the fourth wall signifies a shattering of the traditional interface between character and audience, Curtis White has not only broken it but also taken a sledgehammer to the remaining three and is now perched, filing his nails, atop the wreckage. While applying dramaturgical terms to fiction may irk you, reader, in this case it’s apt, since White’s newest book, Lacking Character, blurs our conceptualisations of play and novel as discrete entities anyway. In fact, there are not many concepts or conventions it doesn’t blur, de- then reconstruct, and dance in, around and out of with a knowing, showman’s smile. In short, it is a book that knows how to behave itself and chooses not to.

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