Craig Brown

Uninvited Intimacy

Uninvited Guests: The Intimate Secrets of Television and Radio


Chatto & Windus 218pp £9.95 order from our bookshop

I suppose that ‘intimate’ is going to be this year’s publishers’ word, in the same way that last year’s was ‘Trivia’. ‘Secrets’ has long been a standby. But even those well used to the optimism of publishers might be surprised to discover absolutely nothing remotely intimate or secret on any page of Uninvited Guests. ‘The Well-Worn Second Hand Opinions on Television and Radio’ might not have had quite the same ring as a subtitle, but it could have guaranteed the book sales in those wide sociological circles where dreariness is synonymous with merit. But then again, the sociological circles would probably be disappointed: Laurie Taylor and Bob Mullan may say nothing, but they mouth it in far too smiley and entertaining a way for their book to be regarded as academically sound.

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