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From Stone to Flesh: A Short History of the Buddha


University of Chicago Press 289pp £18 order from our bookshop

Who was the Buddha? We think we know. Named Gautama (or Siddhartha, or Shakyamuni), he was the son of a king, born around 563 BC in Lumbini, in what is now Nepal. His father, in a vain attempt to shield his son from the harsh realities of human existence, secluded him in a state of cloistered comfort. But stepping out of his gilded prison into the world, Gautama realised the truth of sickness, old age and death. Intent on understanding the nature of suffering, he pursued the life of an ascetic until, finally, sitting in meditation under the Bodhi Tree, he attained enlightenment, realising the path to liberation – the so-called Four Noble Truths. 

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