Houman Barekat

Communication Breakdowns

Conversations with Friends


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The Idiot


Jonathan Cape 432pp £16.99 order from our bookshop

Sorry to Disrupt the Peace


And Other Stories 288pp £10 order from our bookshop

Frances, the narrator of Conversations with Friends, is twenty-one and composes poetry by ‘hitting the return key whenever I wanted’. She spends most of her time with her charismatic ex-girlfriend, Bobbi; Frances has been dumped by Bobbi but is still somewhat in her thrall. The pair strike up a friendship with an older married couple, Melissa and Nick, respectively a successful writer and a ludicrously handsome actor. Though the plot centres on Frances’s tempestuous affair with Nick, the story is as much about the relations between the three women, in particular the younger duo’s conflicted feelings towards Melissa, whom they admire and resent in equal measure.

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